Last year I was greedy. I chose two words: Peace + Community

How did that go?
Well as you may or may not have realised (‘cos, y’know, I hardly *ever* talk about it), on 1st February I opened my own bijou yoga + wellbeing studio in central Cambridge.
Over the last 11 months I have turned a very worn out, dirty and run down office into a haven of peace + serenity. I have a little tribe of people who love being there to do yoga, get treatments, chill out. And I have another amazing (and rather unexpected) tribe of therapists who work there and help me out and share the space and just generally rock.
So Community, check!
As for peace, well, every time I think what an incredibly stressful year it’s been. Every time I think about how I haven’t stopped thinking about work for a micro-second this year. Every time I think «man, it’s really not been very peaceful», I have to remember the sense of utter peace and letting go I get every single time I open the door to that studio.
So Peace, check!
And now suddenly, as if from nowhere, 2014 is just around the corner
And it’s time to chose a whole new word.
At first I thought about «Ease», but it didn’t sit right. I didn’t quite know what I wanted from it.
Then I thought about «Simplicity». 2014 is already shaping up to be quite a year, and I know it’s one where I have to simplify – both in terms of my business, my home and my life.
But it still didn’t feel quite right.
And then I treated myself to one of Amy’s Goddess Readings and there was my word, right there on the reading she had done for me.
I want to be able to trust in my work and my intuition
I want to be able to trust in the universe.
I want to be able to trust in my business.
I want to be able to let go of control, to trust the process of flow and change that is life and to live by the words I say to my clients again and again.
«Just let it flow».
Last year was a lot of wonderful and momentous things. But it was also a lot of worry. And most of the things I was worrying about, it turned out, didn’t need to be worried about.
And so this year I would like to be able to be proactive about the things I can do something about, and just let the rest go.
Let it flow.
Do you have a word for 2014?

An Introduction

Hello, hello!

My name is Jupiter Gimlet and I’m a petite pinup, makeup hobbyist, and Public Health graduate student. I’m a native of New Jersey, raised in Wisconsin, and nurtured in Illinois now living in Kentucky (“Land of the fast horses and slow pours,” as the promotional materials say.)

During the day, I’m what I call a “payer slayer” and yell at insurance companies to pay healthcare providers, I wear makeup and vintage-inspired clothing. At night, I go to graduate classes for Population Health Management. Once upon a time ago, I was also a primatologist, but those days have long since gone (I mean, when was the last time you saw a listing for a primatologist on LinkedIn?)

Although I love vintage fashion and style, I’m not here for vintage values. I’m a mouthy broad and I have no desire to return to the days of long ago; just only the glamour that comes with it and only if it is applicable to everyone. I believe yesterday’s glamour is always welcome today, but only if you can make it for everybody.

I have a deep love for vintage fashion and beauty (makeup and skincare), but I’m also rather fond of anthropology, biology, architecture, traveling, and cooking. I also love nerd culture (especially DC/Marvel comics and movies!) I believe in clever consumerism, social consciousness, and I don’t believe for a minute that just because I am interested in feminine hobbies that it is any less worthwhile. I also believe context is sovereign and when dealing with history, context is required.

You can expect pinup related things, beauty talk, fashion discussion, and historical backgrounds of the aforementioned. When I can, I’ll be happy to share any travel logs or talk on architecture.

As a beauty blogger, this is the information you may need to determine whether or not my reviews or recommendations may be something that may be worthwhile for you:

  • Skintone: ~NC10-15 (very strong yellow undertones with red overtones in face and chest) depending on time of year (ideal foundations for me are Make Up For Ever Y215 (both Water Blend and HD Ultra Foundation Stick) and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (Porcelain).
  • Skin Type: Dry, reactive (due to contraceptive use)
  • Hair Color: Ash blonde with cool undertones
  • Hair Type: Fine, thin but normal
  • Eye Color: Blue with both gray and green (it shifts depending on the light)
  • Favorite Beauty Products: Foundation, Eyeliner, Lipstick, and Perfume
  • Lesser Liked Beauty Products: Blush, Contour, and Highlight

I started a blog because I like the formatting options it gives me, and while I love Instagram, I don’t love that it cuts the spaces between and has a difficult algorithm, so for that reason, a blog seemed like the ideal solution. Plus, it gives me my own little soapbox on which I can perch (because that is what the Internet is for, if nothing else, right?)

What I hope for you as readers is that you find this both educational and interesting. I hope it is something that everyone of any skin tone, background, gender, or any identity may find it worthwhile.

Yours ’til Niagara Falls,
Jupiter Gimlet