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Does everyone need regular sex? Health effects of sex

Few things can so elevate your mood and captivate, as one of the finest in the world of fun.

However, many do not know the importance of regular sex, and this is directly related to your health! Today we will tell you why this fascinating activity should be your regular pastime.

When you do not have enough sex:

You are sick more often.

If you do not have sex for a long time, your immune system weakens significantly. This means that it’s easier for microbes to get into your body and infect you with the flu or a cold. So sex saves you from having to drink tea with raspberry jam!

Your stress level is increasing.

Sex is a great way to reduce stress. Regular sex lowers the amount of stress hormones and makes you more relaxed. Without sex, you turn into a time bomb!

It’s hard for you to get aroused.

Oddly enough, this is pure truth: the lack of regular practice often leads to the fact that a person cannot experience excitement. In men, this is manifested in problems with an erection, in women – in the inability to achieve orgasm. So do not stop practicing to always start with a half turn!

Your dreams are changing.

For some people, irregular sex life causes strange dreams. For example, you may dream of sex scenes, or you may experience an orgasm in a dream.

Over time, you lose the desire to have sex.

If your body notices that your period of sexual abstinence has been delayed, it reduces the production of sex hormones. After some time, you no longer want sex, and your libido changes. All these are signs of a lack of sex hormones.

The distance between you and your partner is increasing.

When people in a relationship rarely sleep with each other, the interpersonal distance between them grows. As a result, you begin to doubt your partner and find other people more attractive.

Your self-esteem drops.

It is not surprising that a person whom no one wants has a drop in self-esteem. But the lack of sex also has a bad effect on well-being and can even lead to depression. Studies show that regular sex helps to cope with depression and is almost comparable to antidepressants in effectiveness!

You have an increased risk of cancer.

Men who have not had sex for a long time have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. So arrange yourself sometimes discharge – this reduces the risk of cancer!

You must admit that for such reasons we all must have regular sex! It is necessary for health!

What needs to be done to have sex regularly? Take Hammer of Thor

Not all people have the opportunity to make love regularly. However, even those who have a partner have sexual problems. This is especially true for men. Failure to satisfy a woman lowers male self-esteem and causes stress. It can even cause psychological erectile dysfunction.

To avoid such problems, try taking Hammer of Thor tablets. This is a herbal supplement for men with the following benefits:

  • Increases male libido;
  • Promotes a strong erection;
  • Prevents premature ejaculation.

Hammer of Thor is allowed for all men over 18 years old. However, observe the dosage and consult a specialist before using any male enhancers. Be especially careful not to take supplements if you have cardiovascular disease.

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About Hammer of Thor Forex

Manufacturers of the classic version have released a new series of their product called Hammer of Thor Forex tablets. This is a male sexual enhancer with some new components. This is a newer version of Hammer of Thor, but tests on volunteers in Malaysia showed that both versions are equally effective. The difference is only in personal preferences.

10 diseases that make sex the best treatment

Regular sex life is not only a pleasure, but also the best cure for a number of ailments.

According to the scientists who conducted the study of sleep, it was possible to find the fact that people who have sex the most sleep better and more securely.

In addition, all the respondents had a general state of health that was much better than those people who abandoned classes before falling asleep.

Thanks to this article for us, you will learn the development of which diseases can be prevented, and the consequences of which ailments can be completely excluded from your own life due to constant sex.


Over time, the mind of every person weakens. It doesn’t matter if a man is either a woman, anyone can come across such a concept as dementia. The best cure for this ailment is sex.

Scientists have proven that sex, which is present in the lives of old people, helps to focus attention, improve memory and the formation of positive feelings.

For this, it’s not necessary to torture your own body with daily grueling “training”, it’s enough to just indulge in carnal activities only 1-2 times a month and an excellent state of health will be the best reward for you.


Perhaps almost all of you have heard that sex is the best cure for stress. The relaxation of the brain leads to the fact that your body relaxes, gloomy thoughts leave you, the level of excitement decreases, the feeling of anxiety disappears.

The release of hormones of happiness leads to a mood increase, in turn, increases self-esteem. But it is worth keeping in mind that the constant fixation on an orgasm, or rather on its receipt, can lead to a reverse effect.

Because indulging in carnal entertainment is without unnecessary “reflection”, in a good mood, then your body will be gratefully responsible for taking care of it.

Flu and ARI

Do you often have respiratory illnesses, and in the winter, the flu never ignores you? Then For you it is necessary to “use” the best cure for these ailments, or rather, to have sex.

Classes of love help strengthen the immune system, promote the production of immunoglobulins A, which, in turn, lead to an increase in the body’s defenses.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that in the active period of the disease you should not “abuse” sex, it is enough to engage in it 1-2 times a week to perfectly strengthen the body, but at the same time, do not lose extreme powers.


Men can be satisfied, the traditional female excuse of “headaches” is no longer an excuse.

Scientists have proven that sex is the best cure for migraines. Permanent sex life contributes to the production of hormones such as: serotonin, dopamine, prolactin and oxytocin. They, in turn, are a typical painkiller with which the pain in the head quickly recedes.

German doctors found that after “hot embraces”, 33% of respondents experienced “no” acute pain in the head, migraine (episodic or regular severe and painful headaches in one, rarely in both, half of the head) left 60% diagnosed.

Therefore, instead of the usual anesthetic, it is worth trying the most common and affordable way, the result of which will pleasantly amaze and amuse you.


Orgasm helps to reduce the endocrine glands, including the pancreas. This highlight will be relevant for people with type 2 diabetes.

It is not allowed to say that sex is the best treatment for diabetes, but it must certainly be in the life of patients with diabetes, because it can also contribute to the healing of the body.

Actively creating insulin will lower your blood sugar. Specifically because, experienced endocrinologists recommend their clients not to limit themselves and not to frustrate with passionate pastime in bed.
Psychological illness
Advanced research by Swiss scientists has shown that sex helps reduce anger in people with schizophrenia.

Permanent sex life leads to the fact that a person becomes the most balanced, he begins to oversee his emotions, his mood improves.

Sex is the best treatment for the most mild psychological disorders. It will help you say goodbye to depression, get rid of negative thoughts and attitudes.

Prolonged abstinence, on the contrary, can harm health, because doctors recommend paying special attention to this one of the main components of adult life.


People with high blood pressure know how painful the attacks are and how hard it is to get rid of them.

If you belong to the group of hypertensive patients, then you should not wait for the peak of pain – do preventive healing.

As you may have thought, the best cure for high blood pressure is sex.

Scientists from the famous British Paisley Institute proved that acquired hypertensive patients with a constant sex life are less prone to increased pressure than people who avoid “pleasant” physical exertion.

Of course, do not forget that the pressure during sex increases, but if you pay attention to your own body and feelings, there is absolutely no need for you to deprive yourself of pleasant pleasure.

Acne and problem skin

Funny news for owners of problem skin – now you can get rid of annoying dark spots and acne, knowing about the best healing tool, and specifically about sex.

Intense sweating leads to enlargement of pores, together with later all harmful substances are eliminated from the body. In addition, it affects the configuration of the hormonal background, while in both sexes.

Permanent sex life leads to the fact that your skin will become clean and smooth, with all this, you do not have to waste your time, effort and money on expensive cosmetics and salon procedures.

Excess weight

Passionate sex is intense physical activity during which calories are well spent. People with a tendency to obesity should not be shy about their own excess weight and abandon sexual activity.

On the contrary, evenly getting involved in the process, you will not notice how you lose weight, your skin will become the most elastic and even.

Such constant cardio loads will be a good addition to your weight loss program, your self-esteem will rise, and you will show strength for the latest achievements. You see, sex is not only a pleasant action, but also the best cure for weight loss.

You see, almost all health problems are solved using the usual and current method. There is nothing more pleasant than to make you feel better using sex games with your partner.

Of course, you need to take into account your well-being, and do not decide anything like this in this case, if your body is not able to endure additional overload, but needs peace and relaxation.

But, do not take the opportunity to make sure that sex is the best cure for almost all ailments and, if possible, make sure of this from your own experience.